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Grant to fund research and new services

Fri 17th, July 2020

New research involving the HD community is set to begin after Huntington’s Victoria secured grant funding from the NDIS Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) program. more
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Taking part in a HD clinical trial

Thu 9th, July 2020

For Nick Scullie the decision was, in the end, a simple one.

Offered a place in a clinical trial of a promising new drug to treat Huntington’s disease he knew he had to say yes. more
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Landmark HD gene therapy trial begins

Mon 29th, June 2020

The world’s first Huntington’s gene therapy trial is underway, testing a one-off treatment that could slow the progress of the disease for years or even decades. more
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Huntington’s and our family

Fri 19th, June 2020

The Ferguson family knows all about the heartbreak of HD. The disease has taken eight members so far, across multiple generations. In the video below, family members share their memories of two of the people who have passed away, Wally Ferguson and his son Matt. Wally was one of four siblings who had Huntington’s – […] more
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Signs of HD found 24 years before symptoms

Wed 17th, June 2020

Small changes in the brain caused by Huntington’s disease are detectable 24 years before symptoms emerge, new research shows. Researchers believe the findings will assist in identifying how early treatment should begin for people who have the faulty HD gene. more
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Rising number of younger people with HD in nursing homes

Fri 24th, April 2020

New figures reveal a growing number of younger people with Huntington’s disease are living in residential aged care in Victoria. more
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Clinical trials affected by COVID-19 pandemic

Thu 16th, April 2020

Clinical trials of new drugs to treat Huntington’s disease that are taking place in Australia have been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. The pandemic has diverted many staff into frontline healthcare and will impact on the three trials being conducted by biotech companies Roche and Wave Life Sciences. Doctors and trial site staff are following […] more
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HV update on services during the Coronavirus outbreak

Wed 18th, March 2020

Huntington’s Victoria is continuing to provide services and supports to the community during the coronavirus outbreak more
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The Hunters ready to ride for HV

Thu 5th, March 2020

Over 20 riders will be part of the Hunters team that is hitting the road in April to raise vital funds for Huntington’s Victoria. more
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Expanding HD drug trials is a positive development

Wed 26th, February 2020

There are positive developments in important Huntington’s research taking place in Australia and other parts of the world, according to Huntington’s Victoria Chief Executive Officer Tammy Gardner. Ms Gardner said the results of drug trials that had been released so far were encouraging and their recent expansion was a further cause for optimism. There are […] more
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Freeze on the use of genetic testing in life insurance applications

Mon 3rd, February 2020

Huntington’s Victoria has welcomed a five year moratorium on the use of genetic testing in assessing applications for life insurance more
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The 2019 Gala Ball is declared a success!

Thu 5th, December 2019

The 2019 Gala Ball in Melbourne has raised $31,046 in vital funds to support the Huntington’s community. more
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Sponsors announced for Gala Ball

Mon 14th, October 2019

Sponsors announced for Gala Ball more
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HV supports push to stop young people going to aged care

Wed 25th, September 2019

Huntington’s Victoria has backed the efforts of board member Dr Bronwyn Morkham to stop young people with disabilities going into aged care facilities. more
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Running for HD

Wed 28th, August 2019

Inspired by the work of Huntington’s Victoria and in an effort to to show her support to her cousins living with HD, Kirsty decided to take part in this year’s Run Melbourne event. more
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Five new features of the HV website to check out

Fri 2nd, August 2019

Here are five of the new features of the site that are worth taking a look at. more
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2019 Gala Ball

Mon 15th, July 2019

Tickets are now on sale for the 2019 Gala Ball which will be held in Melbourne on Saturday, October 19. more
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May Awareness a success

May Awareness has been hailed a great success after a series of well-supported events and activities were held across the month.

Each year Huntington’s Victoria joins with our international partner organisations to dedicate May to raising awareness about HD and the vital work being done to support people with the disease. more