May Awareness Month

Please note: due to Corona Virus we will not able to run our Awareness Month events for 2020 as normal. However we are continuing with our Go Blue for May 22 campaign and In Memory.

In collaboration with our partner organisations in Canada and America, each year we pledge the month of May to raise vital awareness of Huntington’s Disease.

Throughout this month we run campaigns and events to help raise the profile of Huntington’s disease and the work we do to help support those who suffer from this incurable disease.

Go Blue on May 22

Go Blue on May 22 is an awareness-raising initiative that HV introduced in 2019.

It is a fun way to get involved and show your support for people living with HD.

You can interpret ‘Go Blue’ in any way you would like – wear blue clothing, dye your hair blue or decorate your home or office in blue  – get creative and help us raise much needed awareness of Huntington’s disease.

Three ways to get involved

  1. The easiest way to get involved is to take a picture of yourself or your family decked out in blue and holding one of the posters you can download below. Upload it to social media or send it us via or our Facebook page. Use the hashtag #HDawareness and #goblueMay22
  2. Make your own sign to hold up in a photo telling people what they should know about Huntington’s disease. Remember to use block letters and make it big enough to read. Black texta on white paper is ideal.
  3. Add our go blue filter to your Facebook profile picture. Click on your Facebook profile picture, select add frame, search Huntington’s Victoria and choose your frame option.

Posters (A3):

I support people with HD

I have HD and I matter

We support people with HD

Facebook post:

I support people with HD

I have HD and I matter

In Memory

This campaign is a trusted and welcomed avenue through which our community can openly acknowledge, share and express their grief associated with losing a family member. A loved one is remembered by their name and the age in which they passed away from HD. This is represented in a video that we share across our social media platforms and website. To have a loved one remembered please contact us, give us a call, or message us privately on Facebook and request to have a loved one remembered. This tribute is played during May.

Community Day

The Community Day will be held during October this year and details will be updated in due course.